ETSF Warehouse

What is ETSF

An ESTF, short for ‘External Transport Storage Facility’, is a licenced storage facility approved by Border Force. Put simply we see this as a port away from the port. The number of Customs checks have been increasing over the last few years with no signs of this reducing, our facility will enable customs checks to be done whilst goods are already in storage, reducing delays at the port.


Having such a facility has many benefits such as

  • Duty and taxes to be paid on the imported goods can be deferred until the they are assigned to a customs-approved treatment
  • Reduce Congested Port delays
  • Reduce Customs Checks times
  • Prevent delays on consolidated consignments
  • How can this help your business?

    If you are a regular importer, you require certain assurances to ensure that you goods are in a controlled environment. Therefore, having an inland facility manged by you agents that not only complete your customs declaration but know where you goods are provides you with a major advantage.

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