Ecommerce Amazon Services

At Mercium we consider ourselves the One Stop Shop for e-commerce sellers, we are an approved Service provider by Amazon.

As an approved Service provider by Amazon, we have a proven track record in helping ecommerce sellers, from start to finish without cutting any corners we can ensure your goods are handled correctly and reach where they need to be.


Whether you are a first-time importer or a seasoned trader, we will make it effortless on your part and manage your goods from the factory right up to delivery to your chosen fulfilment centre. Our network is designed especially for the amazon FBA sellers in mind. Whether it is a few boxes or an entire truckload we have it all covered through our transport networks.


How Can Mercium help your E-commerce Business

At Mercium we get to understand your business from many vantage points, getting to know your business is essentially our business, this way we will know all the intricacies and nuances unique to your operations. This will allow us to tailor make our services to you and ensure that the most efficient and cost-effective solution if provided to your eCommerce needs.

  • Order Fulfilment
  • Create labels
  • Packaging experts
  • Technology driven
  • Monitoring shipments
  • Live updates order status and tracking numbers
  • Instant quotes
  • Services we offer


    Palletising to Amazon standards

    We can ensure loose cargo are palletise as per wished and have expertise in ensure they meet Amazon requirements


    Fulfilment service

    Our Fulfilment services can be the answer you are looking if your goods are costing too much to store in Amazon Warehouses


    Pick and pack boxes

    We can pick pack and label your goods as per your requirements


    UPS and DPD daily collections

    We have UPS and DPD trade accounts, contact us to see how we can help



    We provide labelling services so goods can come straight from the port to us removing the need for you to handle or store the goods


    SKU change

    We can add, amend, or create SKU to your requirements


    Box change

    Boxing or Re-boxing can be provided


    Handle returns

    If returned goods are causing a problem, we can collect, return and store returns until further instructions

    We are an Approved Amazon Service Provider